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Welcome to Morsmordes' F.A.Q's. You must be an acepted member to comment on or view any posts in this or any other one of our communities. If you are interested, morsmorde_sort has all the information for you.

Out of Character Community

Please remember and follow the rules, they apply to every one of our communities. There are many things worth a read here so if you have any questions I suggest reading over the FAQ and searching through the tags before e-mailing the Headmistress a question. Members and majority of staff are not allowed to post to this community. To minimize the amount of spam and questions that could harass many members friends' page, you must e-mail all questions to the headmistress or moderators. You may simply get a reply back or see a new topic and tag in the FAQ the next day. You are however allowed to post questions on threads of the same subject. For example if you have a question about Lessons and there is a post about Lesson procedures you are free to comment your question to that post. When commenting to a post, please remember to sign with your name, house and position (if applicable). The name will always be your OC's name. Having said this, please do not hesitate to ask the moderators for help regarding your questions if you can not find it within the community. When emailing please do the following:
The subject heading should consist of your name, and your house, followed by FAQ Question.

Please e-mail to morsmorde_headmistress@hotmail.com

All about voting and extra information you might want to know about applications! Must read

The votes that are acceptable in this community ; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and No Vibe. Please read more here to know how you can vote on applicants.

All of our communities. There are so many, whatever are they all there for. If you don't understand the concept of Out of Character and In Character posting, or where to make what kind of posts. This is where you should go.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT and a MUST READ post. It is a necessity in every community and is part of the rules. The better you know this the less headaches will be had by all around. Tags and subject headings.

We do have points in this community, and they determine who will win the house cup. Aside from the monthly challenge all staff members are allowed to reward points and some are allowed to dock points. If you are a new staff member (teacher, head of house, etc) i suggest you read this post. Students should also familiarize themselves with this system. House points.

Getting your Hogwarts education! Classes are required to be attended by all students. A minimum of one per student and a maximum of none. All members should read this, especially teachers! This will tell you the ways classes have to run in, formats, the available classes and much more. Lessons at Hogwarts

This may look like a lot to read, but it took even more to write. So please get to know the way this community works!

The Headmistress
Livia Chernova // liviachernova (machinemedusa)
Contact @ morsmorde_headmistress@hotmail.com

Heads of Houses
[Gryffindor] currently empty
[Hufflepuff]currently empty
[Ravenclaw]currently empty
[Slytherin]currently empty

Head Boy and Head Girl
[Head Girl]currently empty
[Head Boy]currently empty

[Gryffindor] currently empty
[Hufflepuff]currently empty
[Ravenclaw]currently empty
[Slytherin]currently empty

currently empty

currently empty

As you can see all moderator positions are open and need filling up!! If you're interested, morsmorde_mods has all the applications and more information.

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